The easy way to collect feedback.

Functionality & simplicity at its core, Feedy makes it easier than ever to collect
valuable feedback from users, with zero-fuss.

Get Started

Collect feedback in style.

Feedy offers a wide range of tools to help you run an effective feedback campaign, within seconds.

Advanced feedback editor

Tune your feedback to perfection with the built-in feedback editor, full of features.

Works on any device

There's no limitations. Collect feedback from users, whether they're on desktop or mobile.

Easy integrations

Embed Feedy on your site or use a standalone page to get feedback from anywhere.

Privacy Mode

Flip one switch and start collecting feedback anonymously, keeping user data private.

Another "ONE DAY" Projects

If you are curious and want to make something like Feedy,
you can simpy clone this project through my Github page. Thanks!

Usage Dependencies:

Laravel by Taylor Otwell

Avatar by Laravolt

Cors by Fruitcake (barryvdh)

Plenty to love

Feedy is packed with features that'll help you run a successful feedback campaign. Here are just a few.

Advanced feedback editor

Powerful export tools

Easy integration

Host it yourself

Privacy built-in

Works on any site

Support included